MSK Singapore is the sole agent for "Meisei Kinzoku Manufacturing Co. Ltd" (MSK Japan) which was established in Japan in 1934 and have been catering to the Injection Moulding industry since inception. We have been appointed by "Meisei" as their "Overseas Technical Centre". We have introduced our products to Asia Pacific market for the past few years.

Our company objective is to provide "TOTAL SOLUTION" to enhance better cost saving and production yield, less investment and fast return within 6 months.

Using our system will provide you with low running process cost and infinite savings down the road.

Introduction of our products:

  1. Mini-runner system helps you to reduce runner weight by more than 50% to 80% and Cycle time reduces by 15% to 30%. Easier and cheaper maintenance for your production.
  2. We also have other equipments that can help you to reduce near to "NO-MAN OPERATION" and maintain good quality at lower cost.
  3. MINI-RUNNER SYSTEM, REPELLETIZER and VACUUM PUMP are our best-selling products which can help customers to get their investment return within 6 months or less.

All our products have been well proven and tested in the market.

For any further enquiries, please kindly contact us.