Comparisons Between Cold Runner and Mini Runner Systems

Mini Runner System Body Features

The Mini Runner System body contains a manifold that comes equipped with a built-in heater and a sprue bush, designed to fit in any required amount of injection openings at their necessary positions.

Compact and streamline in design, it requires only one accessory, i.e. a Sprue Bush. It can connect to the injection nozzle of the mold, yet hold rigid in place with an easy mounting that is suitable for both new and modified old molds.

Fitting Example

Example: Pin Point Gate, etc.

When you change from the Cold Runner molding system to the Mini Runner System, you get smaller runners and also a merkedly faster cycle time with unattended running and less time spent on secondary operations.

It is simple to install the mini runner into a mold. As shown be the figure, the manifold only needs to be fixed in the mold's top clamp plate with spacer blocks added to keep it rigid and warm.

Mini-Runner System V Cold Runner

Mini-Runner Flow

Cold Runner Flow

Cost Benefit Analysis of Mini Runner Against Semi Hot Runner

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