With a history of more then 30 years, MSK Mini Runner system is designed to maximise profits with minimal waste. The Mini Runner is a cold gate system, which cures only the products and parts around the gates, maintaining the molten state.


Providing the flexibility to tailor-make unique solutions, cost savings are ensured for a wide range of applications according to your needs.

Our solutions cater to applications such as:

  • Injection molding of all resins, engineering plastics resin, ultra-high temperature plastics resin, metallic powder compound resin, thermosetting resin, rubber forming and more.
  • Even with resins such as Ryton and PPS, the Mini Runner System is able to withstand melting temperatures above 400°C and continue to perform optimally.

The MSK Mini Runner System is specially designed for injection molding machines, fitted with an inner structure differing fundamentally from those existing hot runner devices.

Existing hot runners devices are designed for molten resin to be led directly into the mold cavities to solidify. The molded product is solidified and no resin remains in the runners. In contrast, the MSK Runner System creates a smaller loss of resin in the runners, and avoids the problems associated with the existing types of runner devices. This is achieved as the system deals with the natural phenomenon of cooling and heating at the zero contact point.

Even though the MSK Mini Runner System has a small insignificant loss of resin in the runners, it has eliminated and solved almost all problems that the existing system suffers from. This has made it the more efficient system with a greater increase of profits for the injection molding process.


  • Greatly reduces the amount of resin required in the runners
  • Less use of resin translates to less heat required
  • Shorter cooling time equates to shorter cycle time

The Total Cost Saving Solution

  • Easy installation into mold compared to semi hot runner system.
  • Easy and low maintainance with a straight forward design.
  • Requires only a single zone temperature controller for the whole system with a guaranteed temperature difference within 4°C
  • Applicable to all kinds of plastic materials.
  • Makes changing of type and colour of the material easier.
  • Suitable for both small and high precision products to fit into the mold as it can be customised.
  • Reduces wastage of runners by 50-80%, cycle time is reduced by 15%-30%
  • Lower investment with faster returns.
  • Minimises energy consumption.

Example of Construction

Boosts your efficiency and yields with our Mini Runners

The mini runner does not require needles and valves, thereby eliminating related problems and reducing the level of maintenance required.

The required number of injection nozzles can be provided at necessary positions so as to suit the design of the mold.

The system encompasses a unique mechanism that prevents strings or whiskers.

With a manifold that has a built-in heater and a sprue bush incorporated into it, there is no need for nozzle temperature control.

The mini runner system obtains heat from the heater cartridge in the manifold. This greatly reduces heat from being transferred to the mold with the absence of nozzle heater in our system.

It also stays at a more consistent temperature as heat comes from one source only.